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Belly Timber by Gary Lee Vincent, Solon Tsangaras and John Russo

Bob Gray's Attack of the Melonheads by Solon Tsangaras and Gary Lee Vincent

Passageway by Gary Lee Vincent

PASSAGEWAY – When an archaeological dig goes horribly wrong, the team is trapped in an alternate world where evil awaits them at every turn. Find out who will survive the Passageway in this Bizarro-genre novel by Gary Lee Vincent!


Watch the trailer here

“Part archaeological thriller and part eldrich horror, the Passageway is sure to please fans of either genre.”
– zMortis, author of Alien Apocalypse

“Hard book to put down
…this is a book that will keep you intrigued to the very end!”
– Christine Soltis, author of Final Moon

“Lots of action! Werewolves,
an alternate plane of existence and adventure! Woo Hoo!”

– Kimberly Bennett, author of  A Degree of Wickedness: A Thrilling Tale Collection


A tale of gripping psychological horror!

 Darkened Hills By Gary Lee Vincent DARKENED HILLS– When evil descends on a small West Virginia town, who will survive?Jonathan did not start out his life to become a rambler, it just worked out that way. William was a troubled youth with something to hide.Both were from Melas, a small town tucked away in the West Virginia hills… a town where disappearances are happening more and more frequently.After the suicide of a wanted serial killer, the townsfolk thought the nightmare was over.  But when a centuries-old vampire is discovered they find out the hard way it’s just getting started.Dark secrets can only stay hidden for so long and when the devil comes to collect, there will be hell to pay.Can Jonathan and William find a way to stop the vampire before it’s too late? Find out in Darkened Hills!Darkened Hills is a gothic vampire novel written in the spirit of Dracula with much more sinister characters and eroticism then the old Victorian classic.
 Darkened Hollows Cover DARKENED HOLLOWS– Deep within the coal mines of Melas, something sinister is just dying to get out!In the heart-stopping sequel to the award-winning Darkened Hills, Jonathan and William must return to West Virginia to face possible criminal charges stemming from their last visit to the damned town of Melas, where both had narrowly escaped the clutches of a vampire seethe.And as livestock start mysteriously getting murdered with all of their blood drained, worried farmers are searching for answers – leaving the local Sheriff and his deputy racing against time to learn the cause before a more violent crime is committed.Meanwhile, a nearby mining accident traps a group of coal miners, forcing a perilous escape through the abandoned Runners Ridge mine.As the trapped miners soon discover, the dead don’t always stay dead and the horrors that are unleashed is just the beginning of the terror about to fall on the rural community nested within the Darkened Hollows!
 Darkened Waters by Gary Lee Vincent DARKENED WATERS– When the world goes to hell, the chosen must arise!As Talman Cane orchestrates a flood of epic proportions in this third installment of the Darkened series the towns of Melas and Tarklin are caught completely off guard by the deluge.Hell-bent on finishing what they started, the evil brothers return to the lunatic asylum to take care of the witnesses and add to the ever-growing army of the undead.Aided by Lucifer himself and the insane vampire demon Legion, the stage is set to channel all of the forces of hell to come forth through the obelisk.In an all-out race to survive, Jonathan, William, and Amanda soon discover they are up against impossible odds as Lucifer opens the Gateway to Hell, ushering in the zombie apocalypse and the End Times.Find out who will survive this cosmic battle of the ages in Darkened Waters!
DARKENED SOULS – Melas and the Madison House are about to be rebuilt. True evil is about to be reborn!The supernatural events played out at the end of Darkened Waters affected those who survived in unexpected and tragic ways that no one could have predicted.Young ex-priest and vampire-killer William is drawn back to the West Virginian town that almost killed him, where his vampire arch-enemy Victor Rothenstein still stalks the earth.

The town of Melas lies destroyed after the battle of the End of Days. But why is wealthy Jackie Nixon so eager to rebuild it using the bone dust of murdered souls?

Terrible evil has visited before, but the Gateway to Hell is about to be reopened in a horrific climax. And this time – it’s personal.

Anthologies (as Contributing Editor)

The Big Book of Bizarro THE BIG BOOK OF BIZARRO– Salacious – Sacrilegious – Scatalogical – Scotomizing – Strange!The Big Book of Bizarro brings together the peculiar prose of an international cast of the most grotesquely-gonzo, genre-grinding modern writers who ever put pen to paper (or mouse to pad), including:

  • NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD horror writers John Russo & George Kosana
  • HUSTLER MAGAZINE erotica contributors J.T. Seate, Eva Hore & Andrée Lachapelle, and
  • Established Bizarro genre authors D. Harlan Wilson, William Pauley III, Laird Long, Richard Godwin and  so many more!

From Alien abductions to Zombie sex, The Big Book of Bizarro contains OVER FIFTY STORIES of the most outrélandish transgressive fiction that you’ll ever lay your capricious and curious hands upon!

Westward Hoes WESTWARD HOES– Daring… Dueling… Disturbing… Daming!Nine outlaw writers rode into town from obscurity to pen nine tantalizing tales of horror and fantasy, and leaving once they branded their own personal marks on the weird western genre and became living legends of the American Frontier experience.Like drunken Indian scouts, the writers fervidly tracked down and captured the Western genre, tore off its fashionable veneer and ravished its exposed essence.So belly up to the bar with your favorite soiled dove and enjoy perusing these thrilling tales of Old West debauchery, danger and desire; compiled by the publisher of The Big Book of Bizarro and featuring the bizarro novella Big Trouble in Little Ass by Wol-vriey.


(Co-produced with George Cunningham)

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