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Becoming a polymath (or reaching one’s potential through a broad spectrum of knowledge)

Several years ago, I co-authored a self-help book called Agelations. Today, I would like to revisit one of the key lessons explored in the book – the art of becoming a polymath.

So, what is a polymath?, you might ask. This is actually taken from the Greek word “polymathes” meaning, having learned much. It refers to a person that is knowledgeable in many different subjects.

Think about this blog, for instance, I write about a wide variety of topics from things on my mind, to happenings in my world, to book reviews of things I have read on numerous topics, just as an example. Thus it can be said that it is my belief that you need to be a polymath and learn as much as you can on many different subjects.

Why? The more knowledge that you have the more effective you can be, whether it be in life or the products you create.  Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom and the more open you can be to learning in all forms, the more fulfilling of a life you can have.

So, go out and read a book, take a trip, explore your world, make a new friend (maybe someone from a different culture who is different than you), live a little, love a lot, and become a polymath!