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How to tap your unlimited potential

Happiness concept.I am feeling philosophical today and thought I’d share with you my thoughts on how to tap into your unlimited potential to live a more fulfilling life.

These are just my personal beliefs, thus you can take them for what they are worth.

In life, you will discover that people basically fall into two types of categories: those that believe the world is abudent with unlimited opportunity and those that believe the world is finite and there is not enough resources to go around.

For those that believe in the abudence mentality, happiness, wealth, love – take your pick – is infinite and one can earn as much of these things as their heart desires WITHOUT causing others to lack in what they need.

For those that believe in the scarcity mentality, they feel that everything is limited – they can only earn a certain amount of money, only receive a certain amount of love, only get ahead – and that is at the expense of others.

For those in the latter life model, I believe this is a very sad opinion to have. Joy achieved here is often tempered with a guilt that somebody had to have less so that you could have more.  I believe that the majority of the worlds depression and anger is a direct result of a mass ‘buy in’ of a scarcity mentality.  Some of the unhappiest people I have ever known think only of themselves and are inwardly-focused in their own limited believe of the world, what they can become, or what it can offer them.

Let’s look at the other model for a moment, shall we?

What if there was more money in the world then there were people to spend it? Actually, there is.

Don’t belive me? Think about the thousands of years that people have lived on Earth.  Generations of people have accumilated LIFETIMES of wealth.  The sum total of all wealth of all generations in the world is still out there even when people pass on.  This wealth continues to grow in old and new ways.

It is possible for you to have more without causing someone else to have less and live in the freedom that you should be happy living a blessed life.

So, how to you have more in life?  Or in other words, what is the secret of life?

Ok, so you want to know the secret of life?  Here it is:

In order to get more, you have to give more.  You must become the person you want to be by helping others become who they were destined to be.

Do you want more love? Love others.

Do you want to feel uplifted and happier? Encourage others.

Do you want to eliminate depression? Be the light for someone else.

Do you want to be a bestseller? Help another writer become a bestseller.

You will find that the more of a blessing you are to someone else, the more you will realize your life will growing into what you truly need.

Wealth is not measured only in money, althugh it is perfectly okay to have a lot. True wealth is measured in the happiness you get through realizing your potential, tapping into your light. Each time you help another find their light, your light will shine brighter and your wealth will increase.

We live in a world of unlimited wealth. Help others get what they need and watch your wealth explode exponentially.


Becoming a polymath (or reaching one’s potential through a broad spectrum of knowledge)

Several years ago, I co-authored a self-help book called Agelations. Today, I would like to revisit one of the key lessons explored in the book – the art of becoming a polymath.

So, what is a polymath?, you might ask. This is actually taken from the Greek word “polymathes” meaning, having learned much. It refers to a person that is knowledgeable in many different subjects.

Think about this blog, for instance, I write about a wide variety of topics from things on my mind, to happenings in my world, to book reviews of things I have read on numerous topics, just as an example. Thus it can be said that it is my belief that you need to be a polymath and learn as much as you can on many different subjects.

Why? The more knowledge that you have the more effective you can be, whether it be in life or the products you create.  Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom and the more open you can be to learning in all forms, the more fulfilling of a life you can have.

So, go out and read a book, take a trip, explore your world, make a new friend (maybe someone from a different culture who is different than you), live a little, love a lot, and become a polymath!

Achieving Results

A great many things can happen from the beginning of a week through the end of one.  Coming off my last post, I thought it would be a good idea to write a “Thanksgiving” blog of sorts and let the folks out there know what all I have cooked up over the past five days.

For those who have been following my news, we had a rough patch over in Warren/Niles, but worked through it.  Although it was a holiday week for most people, I buckled down and decided to make it a productive one.

So, without further delay, here’s what happened this week:

A new Burning Bulb website –

burning_bulb_publishing_enhanced_logoI am very pleased to announce that we have a BRAND NEW Burning Bulb Publishing website, now hosted on WordPress!  That’s right!  When a person visits www.BurningBulbPublishing.com, they will now be looking at our new and improved publishing house page.  Hosting our cooperative of authors via a WordPress blog now lets us update more frequently and showcase our books in a more dynamic way.  I hope you like it and if you do, please let others know.  Look for a Facebook page to come soon.  🙂

A new book from Wol-vriey –

Boston PoshOver the past several weeks, Rich Bottles Jr. and I have been hard at work preparing for the release of a new Bizarro thriller from the ever-so-talented Wol-vriey!

In fact, we are just DAYS AWAY from the release of Wol-vriey’s newest book – BOSTON POSH – and believe me, folks, this one tops it all!  It was certainly one of my more favorite reads this year and we hope to have it available on amazon in early December.  You can read all about it here.

A new history of the Incan Empire textbook from Luis Morató Peña –

Los Inkas Hijos del Dios Sol en la Penumbra: Historia del Tawantinsuyu My father-in-law presented me with an idea for a South American history textbook back in February this year (2013).  This was a very challenging project, as it was to be a full color text book written entirely in Spanish for a targeted audience of college-level students.  It took SEVERAL months of work, but our final “FINAL” was released to amazon.com this week.  For those of you who are interested – and can understand Spanish – be sure to check out:  Los Inkas Hijos del Dios Sol en la Penumbra: Historia del Tawantinsuyu (Spanish Edition) by Luis Morató Peña

Completion of Darkened Hills IV – Darkened Souls

Darkened SoulsWhat’s that? You heard me right!  Last but not least, I am very, VERY excited to announce that I have just completed my first round DRAFT of Darkened Hills IV – Darkened Souls!

It still needs to go through some editing, of course, but I think fans of the series will really enjoy the direction this installment takes.

I don’t want to give too much away right now other than to tell you to watch this page or the series website – www.DarkenedHills.com – for a press release in the near future.

Closing thoughts…

In closing, I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you who read our books and follow our follies. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it is a labor of love.  I also want to say that I am thankful for the people who I work with – the authors and editors (you know who you are) – who work very hard with little (if any) pay.  I recognize your efforts and appreciate your belief in Burning Bulb and in sticking it out with me as we launch some amazing stuff.

So, no real ‘down time’ for me during this particular holiday, but A LOT to show for it.   Until next time… CHEERS!

Working through discouragement

Eerie Frequency Booth PicI am not a motivational speaker by trade, nor do I post a bunch of frivolous false impressions of how rosy life is.  For those who know me, I typically speak my mind.

I also do not like to dwell in the negative, which is why there are very few posts that I make that complain or put on the pretense of being a ‘victim of circumstance’.   I usually don’t think it’s worth the time to complain when I can be doing something more productive.

However, after the weekend I just went through, this might be a good time to pause and let my readers and friends know about some of the struggles an author goes though, as this is definitely newsworthy, educational, and in a way, entertaining.

I just came back from the Eerie Frequency Expo in Niles, OH.  Author and touring partner Rich Bottles Jr. accompanied me on the trip. Rich and I are both from West Virginia and the trip to Warren/Niles is over two hundred miles each way.

The Niles gig was the sixth and final stop on our Fall 2013 Tour.  There were actually supposed to be seven stops, but the West Virginia Book Festival (our crown jewel event) was cancelled this year (and may be cancelled permanently) by the promoter – the Kanawha Public Library due to funding.

Now of the six events, another was cancelled (a Uniontown show), and the three prior events – all conventions – had practically zero attendance.  Mind you, this was not just for our books, but zero attendance from the population in general.

I cannot begin to describe to you how discouraging it is to put your heart and soul into a product/book/etc. travel thousands of miles (over the course of a tour) and not have anyone show up. In all honesty, it screws with your head.

Broken glass in balcony doorAlthough these are downers, I believe the icing on the cake was this past event.  There were police raids at the event hotel on both nights of our stay, and last night ended with someone going through the balcony window in the room next to where I was staying.  (See broken glass in room on upper right of picture.)

During the ordeal, I quite expected to see some damage to my truck, as there was fighting and carrying on by all sorts of crazies.  This was, of course, at the hotel and not at the actual event venue.

So, now for the lesson…

I am not going to say that 2013 was a fantastic  year for book sales or conventions – no it blew, in fact.  It was disappointing for me, my touring friends, and our published authors at Burning Bulb Publishing.  We are a small press, but one who believes in each other and in putting out the very best, most interesting books we can, for the best price we can.  Ones that are edited nicely, typeset well, and have killer covers.  We do that well.

As for the conventions (cons)… that’s a different story.  I believe that the cons we have attended all had a couple things in common (and promoters, pay attention):

  1. They were marketed well to the VENDORS and not to the general public
  2. They CHARGED the general public (in addition to the vendors) for admission to the venue
  3. They were in locations that people WHO READ were not

For this, I take 100% responsibility for making poor choices in the cons I picked.  I chose locations within a three-hour drive versus biting the bullet and going to where the cons are properly marketed and draw in huge crowds.

It would be very easy to throw in the towel, especially after this last run, where we had lower-then-average sales at the past four of six con-stops, however… despite the discouragement and the hardship, Burning Bulb will:

  • Release Boston Posh by Wol-vriey in December 2013
  • Release Darkened Hills 4 (official title Darkened Souls) by your’s truly in December 2013
  • Release St. Albans Fire (a new erotic thriller) by your’s truly in Spring 2014
  • Release The Tailsman comic by your’s truly, Rich Bottles Jr., and Stuart Brown in Summer 2014
  • Only attend cons that have a track record of decent attendance and customer/fan interaction

This is my commitment to Burning Bulb’s future and to our writers and fans.  You deserve the best and we will deliver.

Never let bad venues or low turnout destroy your dreams.  Adjust and come back to the ring swinging!


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