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The Snooty School Girl Review

The Snooty School Girl (The Pleasures Of The Professor) by Melissa Craig

☆ Sometimes the best lectures are saved until AFTER class!

This is the very first piece of erotica that I have read from Ms. Craig and I can say that I really enjoyed her work and look forward to exploring more of her… literary universe.

“The Snooty Schoolgirl” is a short story that that gets to the point quickly and exquisitely builds the readers anticipation of things to come.

I can honestly say that Ms. Craig is a cunning linguist in the way she takes one scene, quickly gets to the point, and builds to a climatic oral finale when the good professor Rick finally gives himself over to his snooty schoolgirl student, Logan. My only regret was that it was a short story and the juiciest parts were left to the reader’s imagination at the very end.

Ms. Craig does very well in painting some wonderful imagery that makes one grin with ornery delight. “The Snooty Schoolgirl” is a very delicious short story that is arousing and fun to read, especially if you like teacher/student fantasies and seduction, which I am a fan of.

It’s well worth checking out.

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