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Pieces of Black Part One Review

Pieces of Black Part One by Ava Bellamy

☆☆☆☆☆ Sultry and seductive!

I discovered Ava Bellamy one day while perusing Twitter.  Thus it can be said that this discovery was by sheer coincidence and the fact that I have been thoroughly entertained by her work, I felt it proper to recognize it with a review of what I found – her Pieces of Black Part One eBook.  

I have heard it said that a person’s mind cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality when you are dreaming. The same can be said that the correct use of language can take the reader into a dream-like state, thus making the fantasy real to them. 

Ava Bellamy’s use of language is superb in this piece of erotica. It is paced very well and seductively, carrying the reader along on a titillating journey of taboo and forbidden pleasures yet to be discovered.  

In Pieces of Black Part One, we discover Serena, a romance author who is looking to experience darker sides of sexuality (such as BDSM) so that she can write more explicitly. She comes from a very vanilla background, but has been exploring her wishes with a pen pal named Jason, who lives out of town.   

The book builds on the premise of forbidden pleasures because Serena is married, whereas Jason is a free spirit.  The mere fact that the two are going to meet out of town and spend a week together is a premise that things are going to heat up. 

The story drips of seduction and a woman’s lust slowly building and she tries to maintain control over her emotions and physical needs, while at the same time, her sultry new friend is expanding her horizons and playing out her hidden desires right before her very eyes.

The story provides an incredible sense of adventure that makes the reader feel as if he/she were living the experience of the characters set forth on the page.  It is paced very well and quite enjoyable.

With Part One down, I think I have just became a fan of Ms. Bellamy’s work.

 –  Gary Lee Vincent, Co-editor of The Big Book of Bizarro Erotica Collection


Guiltessa Dolores Review

Guiltessa Dolores by Wol-vriey☆☆☆☆☆ Guiltessa Dolores – a primer into Bizarro fiction Wol-vriey style!

If you have never experienced Bizarro-genre fiction and are a bit hesitant to try a full-length novel such as Wol-vriey’s Vegan Zombie Apocalypse, then Guiltessa Dolores novella might be what you are looking for.

As with any piece of transgressive fiction, you must start by suspending disbelief and allowing the words to simply take the mind on a fantasy. Failure to do this will leave you scratching your head and bewildered on stuff that just can’t happen in real life.

However, for those of you who are able to suspend disbelief and allow a Bizarro story to unfold, you will find adventure in Guiltessa Dolores.

This story revolves around a character known simply as “Malone”, although this should be noted that this is not the “Bud Malone” that appears in Wol-vriey’s epic-length Boston Posh novel. In Guiltessa, Malone wakes up to find his skin missing, having been sold by his wife “Tess” to the scorpions for money, since Malone – who once was rich – is now broke.

The story proceeds to take Malone (who is later known as “Mal-Scorpio” by the scorpions) on a journey of wackiness, with run-ins with a skeleton wishing to marry his bones, an alliance with the scorpions, and a grim task that the scorpion queen – Guiltess Dolores – needs his help with.

Here is an excerpt from the tale:

“Do not fear, Mal-Scorpio,” the scorpions clicked to him. “Our covering will protect you from the sewing-needle rain when it falls.”

If you can dig that, you’ll be able to dig this story.

– Gary Lee Vincent, Contributing Editor of The Big Book of Bizarro

Guiltessa Dolores can be downloaded in Kindle format from amazon here.

The Snooty School Girl Review

The Snooty School Girl (The Pleasures Of The Professor) by Melissa Craig

☆ Sometimes the best lectures are saved until AFTER class!

This is the very first piece of erotica that I have read from Ms. Craig and I can say that I really enjoyed her work and look forward to exploring more of her… literary universe.

“The Snooty Schoolgirl” is a short story that that gets to the point quickly and exquisitely builds the readers anticipation of things to come.

I can honestly say that Ms. Craig is a cunning linguist in the way she takes one scene, quickly gets to the point, and builds to a climatic oral finale when the good professor Rick finally gives himself over to his snooty schoolgirl student, Logan. My only regret was that it was a short story and the juiciest parts were left to the reader’s imagination at the very end.

Ms. Craig does very well in painting some wonderful imagery that makes one grin with ornery delight. “The Snooty Schoolgirl” is a very delicious short story that is arousing and fun to read, especially if you like teacher/student fantasies and seduction, which I am a fan of.

It’s well worth checking out.

Download your copy today on amazon here.