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BOOK REVIEW: Hellhole West Virgina, by Rich Bottles Jr.

Hellhole CoverYou’re on a highway to hell(hole)!

Get ready for an over-the-top thrill ride that perverts history in a way that only Rich Bottles Jr. can!  Do you like the Mothman?  Yeah, he’s in there and the reader will learn what really happened back in the 1960’s over in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

From zombies waving pick axes at the WV Book Festival to quadriplegic midget prostitutes, the King of Bizarro mayhem will either have you rolling on the floor peeing yourself laughing or getting really offended, depending on your sense of humor (or lack thereof).

Hellhole West Virginia is a comedy that draws its plot from several historical events: the Mothman Incident (Point Pleasant, WV), the Manson Murders (Charley is from WV), Hellhole Cave Environmental Issues (Riverton, WV), and others.  Plus, there is even a cameo appearance by the author himself in Chapter 4!

Hellhole is not your typical read, but would we want it any other way?  Enjoy!  I give this read five stars! ★★★★★