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Five Little Deaths Review

Five Little Deaths by Clare de Lune

☆☆☆☆☆Dark, erotic and fast paced!

I first discovered Clare de Lune’s work via her short story – CITY OF THE DEAD – which was featured in the horror section of The Big Book of Bizarro. Clare has a gift for depicting mysterious landscapes in a dark and fascinating way, thus when I saw this collection offered up on amazon, I went ahead and purchased a copy.

The trick to writing short story fiction is to get in, tell the story, and get out. The problem is that many writers have difficulty telling the tale in a smooth, enjoyable manner that is most importantly, memorable.

Short stories can be easily spoiled with in-depth reviews, so I will not go into an thorough analysis of each work, but rather talk about my impressions of the first story and hopefully, you can decide whether this collection is right for you.

The first story is called BLOODY KISSES and focuses on a primary character, Charlotte, a blonde-haired widow who lives in an old house by the sea.  Charlotte is plagued with memories of her dead husband, Bryan, who apparently drowned, but whose body was never discovered.

We get a glimpse of Charlotte’s emotional problems, possibly depression or insomnia, when she is described as taking Percocet before settling into bed with a book to read.

The interesting piece here is what happens next.  We learn of an affection that Charlotte had with her husband’s friend Vic and after her husband died, she was troubled.  Shortly after Bryan’s disappearance, Vic also disappeared, thus adding a layer of mystery to the overall story.

It is at this point that Charlotte is revisited by Bryan (is he a ghost, vampire, or figment of her imagination) and he leads her on a journey down by the sea, where they engage in highly-charged passion along with Vic. Bad things happen here and you will just have to read to find out what they are.

In the end, the reader is left to wonder if Charlotte became a vampire, was murdered, or was having a drug-influenced dream at bed.

Mysterious and good.

– Gary Lee Vincent, Co-editor of The Big Book of Bizarro