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The Female Flasher Review

The Female Flasher by Phebe Bodelle

☆☆☆☆☆ Exhibitionism was never so much fun!

The Female Flasher is an erotic novel about a nineteen-year-old girl from Britain who is living with her parents in Spain. One day, when out with her friends, she has an accident while waiting in a crowded line to use the bathroom and this starts her journey into becoming a flasher, as she had to ride the train home without any knickers (panties) and notices a middle aged man watching her, awakening a new awareness within her.

American English and the way it is used is a bit different than traditional UK English and reading The Female Flasher’s diary of exploits was quite fun, especially experiencing the “First Person” point of view told by a British gal.

I found the story to be sexually charged at every turn and an exciting read watching the girl go from just a “normal” person to a sexually liberated person.

I think it is great when one can read a book and really relate to one of its characters. I found myself relating to a forty-five-year-old character named “Dick” (no seriously, that was his name in the story) almost to a tee, both physically and in how he treated his woman.  One can get a true education from this and it is nice to see couples in love and how to love others and treat them well.

This was my first ‘exposure’ to Phebe Bodelle’s writing and was quite pleased. I look forward to reading other works by this author.

– Gary Lee Vincent, Co-Editor of The Big Book of Bizarro Erotica Collection