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Demons, Dolls, & Milkshakes Review

Demons, Dolls, & Milkshakes by Nelson W. Pyles

☆☆☆☆☆ Not your Disney’s “Stitch” (but that’s a good thing)

When I heard that the nemesis of this book was an ugly doll named Stitch, I thought to myself, “Crap Nelson, I loved your shorter works in The Big Book of Bizarro and Westward Hoes, but please tell me you’re not doing Disney fan fiction?”

Just kidding, of course. Demons, Dolls, & Milkshakes is a far cry from Lilo & Stitch and definitely NOT a children’s story.

Pyles does not disappoint in blending several highly unlikely elements into a cohesive, shall I say “Milkshake” of pure literary entertainment. And, given that the demon is from New Jersey makes the story far more believable and almost realistic.

Nelson did a good job with this Bizarro-meets-horror-meets-comedy piece. It’s definitely worth checking out and a far cry from bland. Have yourself a good chuckle and pick it up.

– Gary Lee Vincent, Author Darkened Hills

Demons, Dolls, & Milkshakes can be purchased from amazon here.